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For more than 30 years we’ve been working with many of the top UK design studios on a range of projects from luxury residential properties, spa’s & health clubs, large international hotels and super yachts.

Our friendly, passionate team all have backgrounds in design and are here to help you at every stage of your project. Our many years of experience mean we can easily suggest pieces that match your brief, budget and deadline, helping you bring your outdoor space to life.

  • Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

    Dedon - Ahnda

  • Dedon Project Dala

    Dedon - Dala

  • Dedon Project Mbrace

    Dedon - Mbrace

  • Dedon Project Panama

    Dedon - Panama

  • Dedon Project Seashell

    Dedon - Seashell

  • Dedon - Lounge

  • Ego Paris Kama

    Ego Paris - Kama

  • Ego Paris Project Kama 1

    Ego Paris - Kama

  • Ego Paris Project Marumi

    Ego Paris - Marumi

  • Fischer Möbel Project Atlantic

    Fischer Möbel - Atlantic